Sailing with the Dread Pirate Roberts

It’s been awhile.  Long enough that I kind of let myself down about my writing goals.  But here at 42@40 there seems to be some lessons developing about life, health and the universe.   Some things are poking their ugly little heads up out of the darkened cavernous hidey holes they spent burrowing diligently like all good shadow beings do.  “run rabbit run, dig that hole… forget the sun… and when at last the work is done don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one….”  That line has more meaning to me than most lyrical nuances.

So what am I doing currently?  I’m still trying to figure out how to live life at mid-life.  After decades of decadence, some things seem to be catching up to me.  I’m not complaining, but trying to change life long held beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and the like.  It’s an overwhelming lot… facing the shadow!   Suddenly waking and wondering “what did you do to yourself” is a concerning arrival into a new day.

Now the question is how, with what approach, or what are the priorities of the matters at hand, and what best can of ass whoopin’ needs to be opened on these?

Today I’ve started a food diary via Livestrong called MyPlate, started ramping up to running again with Nike+, and have begun the mental processes of getting ready to quit smoking.  <-  (my biggest challenge which holds me in the most fear)  The negative self talks begin booming their loud voices over that.  Fear of failure.  But when do we become willing to change you ask?  Well my good friend Tom and I talk about that a lot.  When the pain of staying the same outweighs the fear of changing… we become willing.

I have an appointment with Rochester Community Acupuncture this week, and am actively seeking a Reiki place as my previous experience has shown the benefits of that.

Today is becoming about how to limit, remove or cope with stress through physical activity, diet, meditation, and support…. and God do I need that!

So this guy has some new goals…and perhaps writing them here for you to see will help me trudge the road to happy destiny!

Happy Traveling…. until my next update where perhaps I will have mastered stress, become a Yogi, sailed the seven seas with Dread Pirate Roberts, captained my own ships, ran a marathon and eradicated cigarettes from my life!

(or perhaps just stayed in the moment, and tried to be a better man than I was yesterday)

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