“Long May You Run”

You’re wondering, is this going to be another story he keeps failing to tell, or is he going to write something about a Neil Young song…. Right?

I could write about Neil Young, wouldn’t be hard at all, but alas. I will not.  I am however listening to Uncle Neil right now.

And it’s not a story… yet again.  Well maybe it is the beginning to a story.

Here’s a snapshot….  back injuries (blown discs… degenerative discs etc…etc…), pack a day smoker for over 25 years ( I have a quit date!!), 280lbs horrible diet which consisted of make them bring me food and keep the Rock Stars coming, job stress to the max, bouts of depression (withdrawal… couldn’t seem to enjoy anything anymore….) etc etc etc… blah blah blah.

I turned 40 recently and had a pretty good look at myself. I was not to pleased with what was staring back at me. I used to be in pretty good shape I thought.  I loved the outdoors and would do anything to be out hiking backpacking, skiing and somehow I just couldn’t remember what happened.


Last winter my wonderful amazing wife signed up for a Couch 2 5k program and I decided I would too.  I was excited.  I was just coming back from having a few discs ruptured in lumbar and really felt driven to get healthier.  So off my wife went and I broke my foot!  I kept jogging not knowing it was broken… just a lot of pain that sometimes went away with jogging and other times got worse!  People told me I had gout and a variety of other “non broken” type injuries.  So I went on a mission… drinking cherry juice, apple-cider vinegar and honey and other concoctions recommended for “gout”.  Needless to say… my foot was broken… in two places.  So no jogging.  Roll in the TV I’ve gotta put my foot up!

7 months or so later along comes my birthday and a bit of reality check.  I decided it was time to do something NOW!

Along comes Livestrong, Nike+, #runchat, #fitfluential and a great host of people on Twitter.

I started tracking everything I’m eating and drinking on Livestrong including exercise tracking. They also have a nifty little app to track smoking and cut you down to a quit date with decent support network.   I really like the app, because it makes me think about what I’m eating and drinking all day.  So the Rock Star and poptarts and candy bars (by the way I’m pretty sure I’m type2 diabetic : 0) start to go away, because I see I’m out of calories before lunch!!  At the same time I pick a quit smoking date of Jan 5th 2013 and the app is counting me down to 10 today from over 20 a day for the last million years!  Then… there was Nike+!  I started walking, then jogging and it tracks everything… really cool app.  Thank you Steve Jobs for making the iPhone so they had somewhere to put all these really cool apps!  My wife took me up to Fleet Feet and purchased some New Balance 8 something or others so I wasn’t trying to run in flip flops or work boots!  

Tonight I ran 5k.  That makes me incredibly happy.  I ran 5k for the 1st time last week and I really wanted to dance, but I was too tired so I just waved my arms around a little! It was easier tonight and I know I could have gone further but I don’t want to push to far.  For now I am incredibly happy that I am jogging 3.5 miles and am content to stay there for awhile.

So…me…. yeah this guy right here….yeah the guy that used to drive by you while you were running and called you a liar because you were smiling.  Snarled at you because there was no way you could be enjoying that…… Yeah here’s the thing…. I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

I…. like…..running.  There I said it!  

thanks to all the folks on running Tweeps, #fitfluential #runchat and @roctherun for great tips and advise.

And especially thanks to my cool as hell wife who keeps me motivated and inspired.  If I didn’t see the changes for myself, I’d still be cursing all of you on the road as “liars”!!  So you should thank her too.

So, carrying on with the theme of 42@40….I’m still learning!  Until the next time


2 thoughts on ““Long May You Run”

  1. WOW! There is so much to be proud of in this post.

    Congrats on your conversion & lifestyle change..Awesome that your wife is such an encouragement. My dad just quit smoking. So hard to do, but totally WORTH it.

    1. Thank you… it’s weird because until you mentioned it I don’t know if “proud” was necessarily a word I had thought of. I’ve had some internal and external inspirations and theres a lot of folks that continue to inspire me. I’m learning to not take myself so darn seriously and am enjoying the heck out of it! But, yes, since you mention it… I am a little proud of the decision to become a better man.

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