All the Roadrunning

So I have been slacking… I’m sorry!  It seems this “new” lifestyle is taking up a lot of my time and leaving me pretty tired at the end of the day!  I am so grateful for that!

Anyways we’re just coming through Christmas holiday and to say that I was strict with myself regarding diet is laughable!  My wife and I had been sort of planning a “cheat day”… you know getting a garbage plate (a local homegrown special here in Roc) but we’re going to put that off for a little bit.  I will roughly describe a garbage plate in a minute.

So…since this seems to be mostly becoming a running blog as I have not had the inspiration to tell you some stories yet… we’ll talk about running!  I love running, and the more I run the more comfortable I get, the more I love running!  It excites me 9 days out of 10! I mostly run at night due to my schedule, and some days I’m dog tired after work… but I walk in the door and see my New Balance running shoes by the door and I get a buzz!  I wake up and can’t wait to throw them on and go!

I started running back in early spring… but I broke my foot and did not run all summer and fall.  In November I started again albeit a little worried about my foot and how my back (lumbar is shot and ruptured discs) would hold up.  So I started on the nice spongy track at the High School by my house.  It was nice and I built up to about 3 miles just on the track pretty quickly.  One night I thought well I’m gonna try to road run…that was not a good run.  The first mile everything hurt… I couldn’t breathe (pack a day smoker for 25 years.. down to 5 a day and quitting Jan 5).  It was horrible.  I barely jogged a mile and then walked two.  Back to the track.

The track is BORING!!!  I don’t want to run the track… I really want to run trails!  So about two weeks ago I did.  I found a nice easy trail that is about 2.5 miles around a big pond.  It was awesome!  I really enjoyed it but I don’t have a lot of time to just run trails!  It’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home… at least until summer.  Anyways last week I started road running again… little bit then a little bit more.  Last night in the early blast of a blizzard I hit the road running.  4 miles!  My longest run yet and my fastest miles on the last two.  Okay… fast by my standard!  13:03 is not marathon pace but for me in driving snow was freaking awesome.  The roads started getting really bad around 2.5 miles which is when I planned to stop so I was near the house.  Instead i popped in through on my brand new microspikes and took off for another 1.5.  I think I could have run another mile after that but I don’t want to push myself to far to fast… plus I figured it that storm and cold I should at least make sure all of my parts still had feeling in them!!  Bottom line…. the more I run the better I feel the more I love running.  We’re in full on winter now… 12” last night of snow.  So I think my trail running may be relatively limited until my lottery ticket comes in and I can by some snowshoes!  But I have microspikes… I can go anywhere.  My wife got a pair for Christmas… she said she felt like she had superpowers!  I could not agree more!

I’m learning about this running thing.  I’m learning slowly about footwear, about appropriate clothing which I still can’t quite figure out.  Last night seemed perfect with compression base layer, a pair of shorts and a windbreaker.  I was never too hot or too cold body hands or feet.  However as you will see my face and beard were frozen solid and I couldn’t see very well a good portion of the run.

4 mile #rocblizzard run
4 mile #rocblizzard run

Frozen but having so much fun!  I hit 4 miles and just felt like dancing.  I felt like a 4 year old kid again out playing in the snow!  My intention was to run the 5k in the Flower City challenge in April.  That is still my intention… to run with my wife!  I’m really looking forward to running in my first ever 5K.  If I keep going at this pace I may consider the 10k but I’m just going with the 5K for now.  It’s not really about the marathons or the shirts for me.  It’s about defeating personal obstacles, about jumping the hurdles of life and becoming a better man!  It’s about setting personal goals so that I can be a better Husband, Father, Stepfather, Brother, Uncle, Son and for a lot longer!  For me this is about being happy!  It’s funny, the more I run, the better I feel, the happier I am, the more peaceful I feel, the more serene I can be in chaotic environments.  Is that all because of running?  Is it diet changes? I don’t really know, and well I don’t really care which if any maybe helping it.  I’m just going to keep on doing them because.. well I really love this!

Maybe its all about what started this blog 42@40.  You know getting older, life, the universe, everything.  I’m becoming more sentimental, I think I’m becoming more compassionate and things are starting to effect me in much different ways.  I don’t find it necessary or even want to engage in all of the media nonsense, the blame games and political bashing or arguing.  I used to thrive in that!  Now I just want to be a part of the solution, coming together in the middle and working towards a common goal.  That’s what running has revealed to me.. working towards a common goal.  It clears the clutter!

Running is so much more to me than just the physical act of moving my body down a road a little faster than a snails pace.  It’s clarity, it’s piece of mind, it’s inspiring, it’s challenging, it’s moving forward instead of sitting in a festering mess of self indulgence.  That is why I love running.  I hope I always love running!  One of my Twitter #runchat peeps said this week, with all of the tragedy going on here locally and in Newtown, with all of the animosity and politcal soapboxing going on, that he wished more people would treat each other like runners treat each other.  I though about it for a minute.  The runners I tweet with and follow do treat each other differently.  They treat each other with compassion, and respect, and inspiration, and encouragement all the time.  Ive never seen one runner say anything negative to another.  I think there is something to be said for that.  You can complain about how you feel, that you failed at a goal, and they have nothing but encouragement and compassion.  Maybe that’s what running does.

I can’t wait to be a “runner”!  I think I’m more of a enthusiastic jogger right now.  I don’t know that I should be labeled in the same class as Claes ( who is 203 days away from a 140 mile run. Or some of these other folks who are out there running marathons and ultras frequently.  I’m not there. But I think i’ve got a glimpse of why they do it!!

So… where does that leave me… oh yeah garbage plates..

Rochester delicassy created by Nick Tahou originally and is now a staple at most restaurants like Poutine is up North.  MMM I do love Poutine!

Okay you take your choice of red or white hots ( hey white hots,,, another Rochester staple) or you can do two burgers and then you have choices of french fries, home fries, baked bean, mac salad and a couple of other things I don’t remember.

My favorite way is two cheeseburgers grilled medium rare on a bed of half mac salad and half home fries.  You with me so far?  Picture half of the plate mac salad and half home fries… got it? ok now throw on top of that your burgers or dogs which ever you want and you can combine burger with hotdog.  So once you have that you take reallly good meat hot sauce… not red hot…. it’s a meat hot sauce ( i guess a lot of areas don’t have this.  you’re missing out if you don’t!)  so you layer meat hot sauce all over the top of that, then onions, and mustard (ketchup too if youre into that sort of thing)  Walllla garbage plate.  MMMM.


Yep, that there is a garbage plate! It’s on the list of one of America’s top 50 fattiest foods! I couldn’t even begin to speculate on the caloric count if you’re into that.  I am so my cheat day is going to have to be a lot of running before dinner!  Okay I just looked it up.  1664 calories in a two cheeseburger garbage plate! Haha  that maybe a once a quarter cheat!

Alright folks, I need to go log some miles!  I hope this finds you well!  To all of my running buds out there, long may you run(chat)!  To my wife… thanks for helping and inspiring me to become a better man, and especially thanks for saying yes.

Seneca Park Zoo Trail Run
Seneca Park Zoo Trail Run

7 thoughts on “All the Roadrunning

      1. Yes and Yes! Dinner sounds great! We should definitely do it! Let us know! I’ll even make a GF banana bread! (For dessert). Haven’t run in a couple weeks but since I’ve been following your progress, I’m going to get myself those micro spikes when I get back to town! Excited to get back out there! Whoooohoooo!! Be well 🙂

  1. Great post. I found myself thinking about how much more centered I’ve been since I started running. Don’t know if I’m running because of that feeling, or feeling that way because of my running. I can’t imagine going out in the cold up there the way you do to keep running this time of year. Georgia winters are as cold as I’d like to handle.

    About 20 years ago, I was on a roadtrip to Toronto from college in NJ. On our way back, a buddy who spent a couple of years at RIT made us stop at Nick Tahou’s for garbage plates. I’ve never been able to accurately describe them to anyone, but I remember burgers and fries and macaroni and hot sauce and deliciousness. At 20 it tasted like heaven, though I’m not sure how well I’d stomach one today.

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