“There is a Season”

As the world takes another couple turns; the warmth of the summer season begins to take hold, and she spread her wings after a long winters slumber.  I too find myself stretching into an awakening; a new awareness of many things left unsaid and remain undone.  Mistakes left untended; needs left in the darkness of time gone by; words unsung for senseless worry.  But I learn; I grow as the seeds in the gardens yearning for the sunlight, and the rain to wash away the dirt and dust from my soul.

This is a season to set right the wrongs, to love a lot more, to smile with my eyes, and to hold her close while standing in the summer rain; to say all the things that need to be spoken.  This is a season of new beginnings, cherished commitments, and renewed faith.  This is a season for inspiration, passion; spiritual connection and growth; honor and integrity.

This is a season to remember.

A season to recall what once filled our hopes and dreams and make that once again a reality.  To give and not expect a return.  To see the beauty in the miracles of nature and get lost in the woods.  To hold her close and tell her what I love so much about her.  To whisper to the trees, and feel the power of the Earth.  A time to stoke the fire within and let it burn until it consumes my spirit with peace, love and happiness.   To hold all these things in the heart and let the sun shine upon them.

We are approaching the Solstice, the longest day and the shortest night of the year as the sun climbs to its zenith in the heavens.  It is also the day of a memory I hold deep within me as the happiest of my life.  An evening I hope more than anything else to spend with the one I love.

This season; this Solstice… make a bonfire at twilight; stay up late; dance and sing and make peace with the one’s you love. Commune with each other and nature.  Do it for your family, do it for humanity because we all know people who need it.  This one night if no other, recommit yourselves to each other.  Fast your hands in friendship, love and renewal.  Take it from a stubborn old Celt, nothing is so necessary as the cleansing of our spirit and the renewal of our love for each other.

“There’s little wisdom,

owner of the sap-laden tree,

to watch the growth of your frail apples,

yet to be careless of your own soul.”

anon- Irish Poem

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