One moment….please!

That is all.  One single moment can alter your universe.  Wait let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’m not writing (speaking) about cataclysmic shifts in the great vastness of time and space.  That universe is much too infinite for my tiny human understanding to comprehend with any relevance.  Stephen Hawking confuses me, or do I just lose interest?  Is there really a difference?  No, I’m talking about your (or my) universe.  The perception of reality that we manifest in our minute by minute thought patterns.

My reality can change in a fraction of the time it takes to begin to blink an eye, if I let it. Wait that’s a conditional statement isn’t it.  If I go back and erase that then I do not have to take responsibility for my own reality right?  Figures my backspace bar would have to stop working now.  Okay I guess it stays.  So if that fallacy that I spewed out a couple of sentences ago is relevant, then that would also constitute a reality.  That I have the ability to create my own reality is my reality, good or bad.  That is an incredible amount of responsibility!

I have a choice every single morning.  Someone told me this a long time ago.  I’ve despised him for it ever since.  He’s told me a lot of things I didn’t want to hear over the years.  But he told me, that every single morning I have a choice.  I can be happy, or I can be a miserable prick (my words not his!).  I disagreed of course.  I can be in a very good mood and then one person can change my entire day and ruin everything.  “So whom do you suppose is in charge of your reality?” he asked.  I was stumped.  I believe(d) that you people out there created the conditions of my reality.  That your behaviors and attitudes were the reality and I was just minding my own business and reacting to those conditions.

Stop laughing!

I’ve read a tremedous amount of books, and listened to an exorbitant amount of tapes and had interactions with some amazing people on this subject.  You would think, (fine, I think) I should be an expert in the field.  I forget sometimes that I’m not superhuman and all powerful, bending the precise immutable laws of nature at my will.  Maybe someday I will give up the hope!  But every once in awhile, a fleeting thought passes by that encompasses an intrinsic idea that you behaviors and attitudes aren’t my reality.  That “reality” is my perception of my surroundings.  Perception?  Reality is exactly how I perceive it.

Hmmm.  Back to the responsibility bit again.

If my customers treat me in a less than admirable way, that isn’t necessarily my reality.  That’s their reality.  That’s there choice to be that…. never mind!  If I’m centered within myself, their reality has no bearing on mine, I’m just witnessing theirs.  Okay I think I just confused myself.  So now I’m perceiving my own reality and witnessing someone else’s?  So how do I stay centered in my own reality.  Good questions!

That man I spoke of before who told me things I didn’t like, also told me to always remember “that everything that happens in your life is a blessing.”  Man did that get under my skin.  It’s hard to make sense of when something uncomfortable is occurring, but it makes complete sense.  I have experienced many things, uncomfortable, painful, and downright terrifying things in my life.  I have also experienced many wonderful, joyful, peaceful things.  It’s the former in which that statement becomes a difficult little pill to swallow.  And I’ve discussed that with him at length!  But the “reality” of it is every time I have gone through such a situation, I have come out of it better in so many ways. It had become a blessing in every situation if I was open to it.  My perceived reality would immediately begin to change from agitation to calm, from anger to love, from pain to peace.  Every time!!  If I just took one moment to change my perception (and sometimes that change was as simple as I will wait 10 minutes before I strike this person) my reality changed also.  I was back in harmony with my surroundings.  The emotional feedback was still there but I could identify it, and accept it for what it was.  My reality would begin to change.  It didn’t change because that person did something. It changed because I acknowledged my responsibility.  I once again had that choice. I have that choice all day long.  And many times I choose to let someone else define my reality.

Today I was able to be of service.  Today my reality was about helping other people.  When I am being of service to another, my reality is magnificent.  I was able to share today a great deal about my life, about my struggles, and about hope.  That experience brought me out of my own perplexing thought patterns.  It brought me back to a place of peace, and gratitude.  I took one moment before I began, and breathed and defined my own reality.  There was no fear of what these people may think of me, of trying to bolster my self importance, or impress them.  I spoke about the different periods of my reality to many people who were experiencing their own perception of reality,  But at the end, I think many of us experienced a shared reality of peace and harmony and good will.  I shed a tear (or several) and others cried with me.  I laughed and others laughed to.  So maybe our perceptions were compatible for a moment.

One moment… can change your entire universe.  A single breath can change you entire reality if you allow it to.  Now if only I would remember that with every breath.  It’s a lot of responsibility this!  Allowing someone else to define my reality is easier, but it’s really unproductive, and I might end up in prison!  Which could have some dramatic effects on my family’s reality!

What’s your reality?

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