Ariel came by and I have no idea what he wanted!!

So the symptoms, which are to innumerable to list here, have brought me to today. The massive depression which manifested itself over the last few weeks has been an effect of the conditions that seemed to start plaguing me some time ago. I know this cause and effect routine and can clearly see the transitional point. Horowitz loves the game!

So I went to the doctors office armed with my list of symptoms, frequencies and precursors. Other than ordering a battery of blood work they seemed genuinely stumped. “Pick two symptoms and lets just work on those”. Obviously I picked the worst two, one which was making it increasingly difficult to walk and the other which… Let’s just say I had stopped eating all day at work out of the sheer necessity and slight embarrassment while in customers homes. There was mention of pain killers, and other mood enhancement meds to which I graciously declined with “stop telling me about the drugs you want to sell me you pushers! I’m not taking them unless you can definitively prove that I have to!”

So that afternoon I went to the vampire bank, so they can run tests on kidneys, pancreas and liver as well as a number of other things. I let them suck some of my blood, and made a decision. Obviously I have spent the last several months devouring web page and internet symptom checkers in hopes of finding one simple ailment that would resolve everything. It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. But I have experience and “relations” to which helped me draw some of my own ideas. I decided I needed to start my own line of treatment and ruling out possibilities. And I became more and more convinced this was in some way dietary, not ruling out that I may have done some serious damage to my body through diet et al. Or, maybe I’m just getting old!

The morning of the DR appt I decided to commit to a diet of no gluten for a month and see what happens. A majority of my symptoms fit this self diagnosis and what’s more I watched someone very important to me battle with Celiacs for a very long time. For me this is a ruling out period.

Here’s the thing. I am now on day 4 of gF. My joint pain, which they are testing me for RA, is nearly gone. A week ago I went for a hike in the woods and had brought my cane as walking a mile on uneven terrain was nigh impossible. Today I have little to no pain in my feet ankles hips shoulders hands…etc,etc. the depression is pretty much gone. I know this because I can see colors, I can feel the sunshine, and I’m pretty grateful today. Oh and without being to disturbing, I had an almost normal visit with the porcelain throne this morning That in itself was wonderful!! It’s been months since that was normal! I mean come on shitting coffee for months on end is not fun! And it’s a waste of good coffee! Oh and the energy level is improving as well. Still have some minor muscle cramping in legs but it’s nothing compared to what it was.

So 4 days and I am experiencing what I consider to be a major relief of debilitating symptoms Yes there are still some present but with everything else diminishing they are easily tolerated! Time will tell if this alludes to a gluten allergy or if it presents something else as a result of narrowing down the symptoms. I’m pretty damn happy with where I am at right now compared to a week or a month ago. I think if you’ve experienced this you can probably understand even the smallest relief is wonderful.

I’m supposed to go back to the pusher man in a week for blood test results. We’ll see how that goes when the time comes. In the mean time I am not eating gluten, life is improving, and Horowitz must have lost his voice! Maybe I’ll call him Ariel for now!

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