Discoveries and Revelations

Where were we?

Ah yes I was talking about day 4 of trying a GF diet.  Well let me put it simply.  It’s working!  Most of the symptoms I was experiencing have all but disappeared.  What’s more, it turns out that after some text conversations with my Mom, I’m 90% sure that this runs in my family at least back to my Grandmother who was just told she had IBS but had problems with similar symptoms throughout her life.  My mother has also had many similar issues in her life.  Sorry daughter, you may have this thing too.

What makes me more sure is that on day 10 of physically feeling much better in regards to joint pain, stomach problems, headaches, skin rashes et al. I was having a very stressful day mentally.  In the midst of this I started a second construction job in the afternoon that added more stress.  It’s in a familiar place that I frequent a lot and as habits go, not even thinking about what I was doing reached into the fridge and grabbed a pop…. and then about three pretzel stick out of the bowl.  i still hadn’t realized I did it until about an hour passes.  At which time the headache stomach upset some nausea come crashing back in.  By the time I got home a little joint pain and an incredible fatigue set in.

10 days with no gluten and everyday I felt a little better, then 3, yes 3 pretzel rods brought back a fair amount of those symptoms.   Now from what I understand in order for them to test for CD you have to go back to eating gluten for a period of time and then they can do blood tests and/or an intestinal biopsy.  Ummmm… wait a minute.  So that means I have to go back to eating the crap that was making me feel the way I was just a few blog posts ago?  Can I get a big “SCREW YOU”.

I will not say that I conclusively have Celiacs Disease if that’s the case.  We’ll just say I have a gluten intolerance.  Meaning if I eat it in the smallest form I feel like I have been severely poisoned.  3 pretzel rods right.  Here’s another thought I had while thinking about my past.  I think this has been present in a majority of my life.  The digestive problems, the chronic headaches I’ve had since I was about 8 etc etc etc.

The good new is, I still feel am starting to feel a little better today than the last time I can remember.  The voice of Horowitz is pretty much non existent today.  I have lost about 12 lbs from the heaviest weight I’ve ever been (with no other changes than not eating gluten) , I can even put on my own pants without leaning on something because I couldn’t lift my legs before from the joint pain.  Yes, I can pick my own feet up higher than three inches without support.  You have no idea how good that felt the last couple mornings.  The energy is coming back and there have been these weird out of nowhere crazy moments when I literally feel like dancing.  Doing a little jig. RIVERDANCE!

Bottom line?  I feel so much better.  And if an official diagnosis is required for anyone…. see above.  I’m not going back to what I was 12 or 14 days ago.

I even think I’m ready to start running again on a regular basis.  That has been the furthest thing from my mind in a very long time.  Funny because that is really what got this blog started!  Back to the beginning I guess!

Carry on

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