Free House Painting, (not really) and yeah I quit smoking

28 years. 10,220 ish days. So that’s probably a little over 10,000 packs of cigarettes. That’s roughly 200,000 cigarettes. I’m not necessarily counting the meager and miserable attempts I have had at quitting before. But that’s a fair assessment of the amount of smoking I have partaken in.

I’ve tried to quit a great many times, sometimes with a little luck, sometimes not very much at all. A little luck just means I made it for more than a day or two. It’s always been a stressful suggestion. I hated the way o felt knowing the last cigarette was approaching even if I planned it ahead. There was a profound anxiety and irritability that at once over took my life. I would be mean and short and angry. I was trying to willpower my way through something I wasn’t going to win because I was doing it wrong.

I did have one attempt a few years back using a prescription. It literally did its job of removing the desire to smoke within a few short days. However it also removed the desire to do anything else. It shut down the pleasure center in its entirety and brought me to a place I do not really like to talk about. I believe that drug may have assisted in opening a door in my mind that may have been better off remaining closed. But it didn’t and it’s something that I have to deal with.
I had immediately stopped the drug and was back to smoking within a few short days after having stopped for over a month. The drug chemically removed the desire. But when I abruptly stopped taking it there was nothing to help with the physical and mental addiction is smoking that cigarette. It just hit and I lit.

Anyways, after that event I made the decision that I was just going to smoke until I was dead. I didn’t want to necessarily but quitting was not an option I was going to consider any time soon.

Until I read a book. I’m not going to promote anything so if you want to know about it message me. I am at day #12 without a cigarette. Actually with very little thoughts of cigarettes. I have had the occasional thoughts yes, but they are fleeting at best. I just don’t want to smoke. You want to know what I’m taking? What supplement or NRT or secret magic trick? Nothing. I am taking, using or doing nothing outside of what I do everyday. I may chew a piece of gum on occasion. Maybe like 1 peice a day. I have found that tea tree infused toothpicks have helped in the car (one of my worst habit smoking places). Nope, I’m not doing anything.

As I said, I read a book. And it wasn’t what I suspected. It didn’t use scare tactics like you see on TV. (You do know that as a smoker, those don’t really work…. I actually wanted to smoke more after seeing them….). No scare tactics. This book really addressed the belief and fears and loosely suggested a plan. So I read it, and it cleared up a lot of stuff for me and I have been cigarette, symptom, iritability, anxiety, and smell free for almost two weeks. It’s p
I haven’t noticed any really remarkable changes as far as how I’m feeling. I’m not coughing any more or less, there has been a sense of smell coming back that I just noticed for the first time yesterday. I don’t know if I’m sleeping or breathing better but I’m a little more apt to get up early and get moving even when I don’t have too. I’m less grouchy in the morning I think.
There have been subtle changes I’ve noticed in mood, strangely enough I seem to be a little more tolerant rather than angry and intolerant. Don’t let that fool you I’m still intolerant of most people, just not quite as much? , or a little less? How does that work do you become less intolerant if you have more tolerance? Yeah that’s it!
One noticeable difference.
Holy shit does energy kick up a notch when you quit smoking. Our house is never going to recover!!
I have removed the old wallpaper in the dining room, repaired some walls and painted, repairs a large area of the wood floor, painted part of the stairwell repaired the risers on the steps and painted all of them and the stringers. Painted trim in a good portion of the house repaired more hard wood flooring. Granted some of that starts before I quit but it has kicked up a considerable notch. I’m hoping some of this energy is going to taper off but I’ve also noted how more sensitive to caffeine I seem to be. I’m not drinking more of it but it’s affecting me completely different! I’m cutting that back now too.

Have a great day! And if you need your house painted this weekend let me know!





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