Mowing over the Reese’s chocolate field

It’s 5 PM I’m sitting out on the veranda enjoying some “morning sunshine ” and my first cup of coffee.  It’s a strange experience in that though the sun seems to be in a peculiar position, it’s tree filtered rays warm my skin, and the birds are chirping as they always do early, when the planet is waking.  But, as it should go, there is the background noise of lawn mowers and car doors of neighbors returning home from work.   Mowers this early is strange but it’s only early for me.   Truth be told, it has been quite an upheaval of scheduled time the last two weeks working the “graveyard” shift, but I have also found myself enjoying the time I have before hustling off to work.  I have found that how much, and how I spend that time before work completely sets up my day.   Waking up and hitting the bricks without a moment of breath left me rushed and agitated during my day and just dead on my feet by the time I returned home.  With hours of time after work just wanting to sleep.  Having these hours before work gives me time to take care of my self, plan and prepare food, exercise, or just be.

I’ve had quite a few people inadvertently say to me, ” oh! You’re working that shift…. That must really suck!”

Quite some time ago I read a book!  Now if you know me the “a book” is probably laughable because I’ve actually read a few!   But this books message wasn’t really obvious at the time.  Recently I’ve read another book and listened to some audio tapes of another that all follow the same shift in thinking.  What is that shift you ask?  Ok maybe you didn’t but you need to so I can answer.    I’m waiting….

Okay you didn’t ask so

Let’s move on!

So in conjunction with this new gig, which I find fun and I’m learning things I didn’t think I ever wanted to know, I’ve also had a tremendous revelation about my health.  I quit smoking and haven’t looked back about 4 months ago give or take 3 days.  When I quit is was no big deal.   I had this expectation however that as time progressed I would start feeling better physically. Well I didn’t.  I found myself after a month, then two feeling worse than I did when I was smoking.

Turns out that my dietary habits were pure shite man!  This simple thing of eating food was trashing my physical health, devastating my spiritual well being and completely annihilating my energy levels.  It was like I was going into battle everyday with Vlad with nothing but my boots!  I was defeated before I even got dressed.  But I didn’t know why at all.

So I started doing some research and some planning and some unplanning but mostly I just started thinking more.  Yeah that’s scary I know.  But with those books in my head, a little bit of understanding and some ” well let’s try this and if it doesn’t work I’ll go buy a candy bar and think on it” I just started taking a few steps.  A lot of them actually.  We were out of town visiting a city that I really enjoy when we go there . Shout out Columbus!  I found myself in perfect weather and hordes of time. So walking 7miles a day just seeing the sights was great.  But I noticed that the more exercising I did the more I wanted to, and the food choices began to change.

So fast forward a few weeks and the craving for crap is gone. I’ve said no to more candy bars and general junk food than I ever dreamed I could. I’m cooking most of meals at home or cooking food ahead of time to take for lunch at work.  I’m eating mostly single ingredient foods, nothing from a box or a can, and a lot of fresh raw veggies.  Get this!  And I friggin like it!  I’ve changed my meal planning away from the 3 squares a day because that never works for me.  I expend a lot of energy, I need to more frequently supply myself with fuel. So several small meals a day works.   I have found myself really enjoying food and cooking food.  I will add that my bride bought a Foreman Grill and what a super awesome device.   It makes cooking up a bunch of chicken breasts so easy, perfectly done fish and meat.

So we’re on this path. My energy level is way up, I’m far more centered than I have been in a long time I have goals that I believe are attainable and everyday I feel a little better, a little more connected.

I have also lost about 11 lbs now and I am actually eating more food than I was before , it’s just better food .  I feel more rested when I wake up even though I am sleeping complete opposite hours.  I am enjoying this.

All of this has thus created a want and desire to be more of a part of.  To be more connected. To be happy.  To be more open and at peace.

One thought on “Mowing over the Reese’s chocolate field

  1. Congratulations! Things are suppose to get better with age, but they only do when you make them! You learned it and applied it! Pretty darn awesome I say! Love to read your writings! Some of it really makes me think! Keep up the great work!

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