Going forward

Returning to writing has been on my mind for quite some time. Why is it so easy to convince myself that I have nothing of value to say? With certainty I can divulge a litany of experiences, successes, and of course failures that I feel as a society, we have become less inclined to disclose in a public forum. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts as well as reading a lot of books surrounding the topic of vulnerability; more specifically about men’s wellness.

Through the past year or so I’ve experienced ups and downs. I’ve learned and continue to learn about my own belief system; the good and the bad. Going forward, goingwodwo, will redevelop itself into an outlet in which questions are asked, answers interpreted and vulnerability can finally show itself for what it is. Healing.

I hope you join me in this quest of taking off the masks and showing who we really are. Real conversations. Enough of the small talk. How long can we really talk about the weather? How long can we carry on through our days acting as if things don’t have any effect on us. Yes, we’re tough. But even the toughest men out there need to express their feelings, their fears, and their dreams once in awhile.

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